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Ashley Jackson Art Work

200 prints were produced by Ashley Jackson to commemorate the 11th September 2001 attack on America of which 50 were set aside for a Sarah Ferguson charity which herself and Ashley Jackson signed and auctioned off.

The original was painted just after the attack and took 6 weeks to complete. This painting sat in the front window of the Ashley Jackson Gallery in Holmfirth, west Yorkshire and for all to see and be reminded of.

As the story goes and from a discussion I had with Ashley Jackson is that due to road works around the area a motorist took a diversion through Holmfirth and noticed the painting in the window. After a telephone discussion the person asked Ashley Jackson if the painting was for sale and would be interested in purchasing this. Ashley Jackson told him that the painting was not for sale until the person told him that he worked for NATO and at that point Ashley Jackson said he would donate the painting to Nato where it hangs at the Nato headquarters in Brussels.