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Ashley Jackson Art Work

200 prints were produced by Ashley Jackson to commemorate the 11th September 2001 attack on America of which 50 were set aside for a Sarah Ferguson charity which herself and Ashley Jackson signed and auctioned off.

The original was painted just after the attack and took 6 weeks to complete. This painting sat in the front window of the Ashley Jackson Gallery in Holmfirth, west Yorkshire and for all to see and be reminded of.

As the story goes and from a discussion I had with Ashley Jackson is that due to road works around the area a motorist took a diversion through Holmfirth and noticed the painting in the window. After a telephone discussion the person asked Ashley Jackson if the painting was for sale and would be interested in purchasing this. Ashley Jackson told him that the painting was not for sale until the person told him that he worked for NATO and at that point Ashley Jackson said he would donate the painting to Nato where it hangs at the Nato headquarters in Brussels.

Instant Payday Network Review – The Real Deal, 100% Free

Instant Payday Network Review


Instant Payday Network is the brain child of Jeff Buchanan who is a very successful Internet Marketer. Jeff Buchanan created the Instant Payday Network marketing system to give people a way to build their income online with NO required investment.  If you follow the straight forward training which is supplied by Jeff in the back office then there is no reason why anybody cannot make a living with Instant Payday Network.

Let’s establish one thing here, there is no business opportunity on the internet today where you can earn money straight from the off, and if someone promises you this then just walk away. In any business venture that you undertake, there is always going to be an element of hard work involved, which quite honestly most people are not prepared to do! With Instant Payday Network, if you put in the time and effort and take on board the FREE training there is no reason why anyone cannot make a good living from this system.

With Instant Payday Network, realistically it is possible to earn between $100-$300 a day using this system, and if you follow the straight forward training in the back office, Jeff Buchanan shows you how you can put Instant Payday Network on autopilot. Just think once you have this in place then you will be amazed at the possibilities, and the $100-$300 a day will be a thing of the past.

The more effort you are prepared to put into any business venture, the more you will get out of it, and that is a FACT!

Instant Payday Network Review – Countries elligible

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • UK

Instant Payday Network Review – The Steps


Instant Payday Network Review – How It Works, in Brief

The whole system works on the premise that you can make money online without any investment, which is something a lot of people are looking for to get started online. Instant payday network relies on Fortune 500 companies looking for people to try out their products, and in return a referral commission is paid for this and you can leverage money from it.

If Instant Payday Network is going to cost you anything then it will be at this point where you have to become members of the two websites…

but if you are very selective with both websites then you can join for FREE.
Note: If you are from the UK then you may find it difficult to join for FREE because there aren’t as many FREE trial offers compared to the USA and Canada, but remember you will make this back on your first referal.

Instant Payday Network Review – How it Works, in Detail


Instant Payday Network Review – My Cash Freebies, Options 1, 2

  • Express My Cash Freebies – Option 1

Sign-up for a free account with Express My Cash Freebies (mycashfreebies), which is a 3rd party system that offers free or low cost trials for companies like Equifax, Experian, Gamefly, etc. To qualify your account you must complete some trial offers. Once you do, your account becomes permanently qualified and you can then earn money by referring other people to join. As your referrals complete their trail offers, you get paid a commission! It is as simple as that! These companies are willing to pay you referral fees because they know that some people completing the trials will continue to use the products and services. Although the actual available offers vary over time, in most cases, you can complete free trial offers and cancel them before you have to pay anything. At the time I wrote this Instant Payday Network Review, our team members were averaging $25 for referrals who completed their trial offers.

  • Double My Cash Freebies – Option 2

Sign-up for a free account with Double My Cash Freebies. Similar to Express My Cash Freebies, you must complete free or low cost trials to qualify your account and earn income by referring other people. At the time of writing this Instant Payday Network Review, our team members were averaging $33 for each referral who completed their trial offers.

Instant Payday Network Review – Marketing System, What you get, Option 3

Step 3 of Instant Payday Network is to get your copy of the Instant Payday Network Marketing system. And what’s great – It’s literally all done for you. If you can fill out a short form online, you can do this. Once your form has been completed, you are INSTANTLY provided with everything listed below.

  • The Instant Payday Network Marketing System
  • Several highly Converting Capture Pages
  • An On-Demand Webinar Presentation that walks your prospents thru the process of enrolling into Instant Payday Network
  • A Customer and Lead Management System
  • A Team and Lead Emailing System
  • A Fully Customizable Back Office that enables you to add your picture and contact information
  • Automated sales funnel
  • Auto responder to handle your follow ups
  • Training videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Sample adds
  • Full backup and support
  • Inclusion into the Instant Payday Network Mastermind Facebook Group

Not too bad for a marketing system that doesn’t cost you a penny, right?


Instant Payday Network Review – Marketing System Options

  • My Personal Info – Personal information and links to mycash freebies
  • View Stats – Analysis breakdown of your leads.
  • View Leads – List of leads in your back office
  • Capture Pages – List of several capture pages
  • Edit Autoresponses – List of emails sent to the prospect
  • Upload Photo – Used for your unique sales landing page
  • Calender
  • HTML Form Code – Used to insert into newly developed capture pages
  • Campaigns – Allows you to uniquely identify your capture page link used for analysis
  • Resources – Getting started, classified adds, Training and Tutorial videos, Image adds
  • Contact us – Support
  • Downloads – FREE marketing course

Instant Payday Network Review – Step 4, Bonus

Step 4 has absolutely nothing to do with Instant Payday Network and therefore you are under no obligations to join. All I will say in this review is that this option is the option you would take if you was going to join Enpower Network which is beyond the scope of this review, but will shortly be reviewing that product.

Instant Payday Network Review – The Mastermind Training Faceboook Group

Once you are a full member, which means becoming members of Express MyCash Freebies and Double MyCash Freebie sites, along with the acceptance of the instant payday network marketing system, then your sponsor will enroll you into this FB Group.

Instant Payday Network Review – Verdict

Herein is the true genius of Jeff Buchanan’s free marketing system. His system provides free tutorials showing you how to market online. For example, he shows you how to put the system on auto-pilot, through video marketing using You Tube, and provides resources showing you how to place classified ads on Craigslist. In addition, you can join the closed Facebook group and learn about what is working for other team members. It’s a great supportive community that will help you leverage your efforts.

I fully endorse Jeff Buchanan’s Instant Payday Network system. It’s a phenomenal system that enables you to earn income without any costs, and the best part is that you can do all of this without ever harassing your friends or family.

If you found this Instant Payday Network Review to be valuable and you are ready to access Jeff Buchanan’s powerful system, sign up by clicking the link below.


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Attraction Marketing Explained

How to Attract Customers for FREE With Attraction Marketing

The most famous line in the marketing industry is: “I know 50% of my advertising works. I just don’t know which 50%”. 🙂

The challenge with Marketing and Sales today, is that it has devolved to a competition of who can yell the loudest, and consumers are tuning out with alarming frequency.

It would be pretty interesting then, to find businesses that treated customers differently. Attraction Marketing explains a different approach – one that leverages the value of teaching, and the scale of the Internet.

(It could also be called educational marketing.)

How Can I Use Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing involves branding yourself as an expert or leader in the network marketing industry.  How do you do this?  You have to provide value and solve the problems of your target market. Remember, 97% of network marketers never generate a profit in this business. This means that 97% of network marketers are looking for answers to their problems.

We know that the two biggest problems network marketers face are, running out of people to talk to and generating cash flow to survive in this business.

If people perceive you as an expert in these two problem areas they will be attracted to you naturally and thats where attraction marketing comes in. How do you depict yourself as an expert with little to no experience? The answer is simple, you sign up for an Attraction Marketing System that trains you in the strategies that other successful marketers are using.  This system also helps brand YOU as the solution to the problems that people are looking for.  You begin marketing this training to other struggling network marketers as a solution to their problems.  You leverage the success stories of how other network marketers have overcome these obstacles using the same system you are using.  In the meantime, you are creating your own success story which you can share in the near future.


How Does This Help Me Make Money With My Network Marketing Company? 

Network marketing has always been and always will be about making relationships with people.  You should never lead a sales pitch with your primary company.  Nobody cares about your business.  They only care about what kind of value you bring to the table, and how you can help them be successful, and that’s where Attraction Marketing comes in.  People typically do not join companies, they join people, YOU!  If you can show your prospects that you can provide value and help solve their problems, they will want to work with you no matter which company you work for.

What are Attraction Marketing Systems?

sales-funnel-225x300Once you register and are inside an Attraction Marketing System, you will find training materials on how to be successful in generating leads for your business.  These training materials within the attraction marketing system include lessons on SEO (search engine optimization), blogging for leads, Facebook marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and much more.  The training makes it easy for anyone to be successful as long as they follow instructions.  Attraction marketing systems also include generic capture pages that you can promote to struggling network marketers. They are generic meaning they can be applied to any network marketing company. The capture pages offer free training materials such as videos or eBooks which show struggling network marketers how to generate endless leads for free (solving their problems).   If the prospect wants the free training (who doesn’t want free training?) they must enter their name and an email address in exchange for the training material.  Once they enter their information they are emailed the free training material and you have added them to your list of prospects to talk to. These systems also offer additional training and services that the prospect can purchase.  Many times these offers are very hard to refuse and come with money back guarantees.  This process of selling items to a prospect is called a “sales funnel.”  This is helpful in separating the prospects that are just curious from the ones who are more serious about their network marketing careers.  The ones who purchase more training items are the ones that are considered “hot leads.”  This is helpful in knowing which leads will be worth your time and effort.

How Do You Drive Traffic to Your Capture Pages?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your capture pages.  Some of the free methods include: blogging, video blogging, article marketing and social media (Facebook and Twitter).  Some of the paid methods include: Facebook PPC (pay-per-click), Bing/Yahoo PPC, YouTube PPC etc.  Once you receive proper training on how to use these methods, generating traffic to your capture pages is simple.  It does take a bit more time and effort when using the free methods however, but once established, they are the best.

Attraction Marketing – Become a trusted advisor

Attraction Marketing works, because you are starting with the customers’ needs in mind. But beyond that, you aren’t only thinking of their problems, but use problem solving, Posing, strategies, and answering their problem questions before they even know you, or choose to do business with you. You’re giving solutions to their issues

Attraction Marketing – Start Teaching

Teaching establishes you as an expert in your niche. Attraction marketing allows you to demonstrate your credentials, without you having to flaunt them which no one likes, anyway. And it helps you build Trust and relationships with the exact people that need your help. You already have valuable information to share. Don’t get hung up on “giving it away for free”. Consider it an investment for the common good. And, an investment in your business as well. Newbies, especially when it comes to advertising on the web, need help understanding the fundamentals and there is no better way than through Attraction Marketing. Work with them. You will have no regrets.


Attraction Marketing – Answer Questions On-line

Today, people are asking most of their questions on the Internet. So if you’re in the business of answering questions, you should be doing it where the questions are being asked. Places like,

Attraction Marketing – Create One-To-Many Forms Of Content

The Internet enables this as well. Imagine having valuable information to impart, and giving a presentation in your living room. Then imagine a bigger forum, like a hotel ballroom, or school cafeteria. Then imagine a football stadium. These all pale compared to the worldwide scale of the Internet. So have something of value to say, say it once, and say it in the right places on the Internet. YouTube videos are a great way to do that, as are articles that will be found by search engines. Combining this approach with the 1 to 1 answers in the previous step, will establish your credibility through attraction marketing, and make sure the maximum number of people are exposed to your expertise.

Attraction Marketing – Set It And Forget it Leverage

Set the seed, because you’re creating content on the Internet, which will probably outlive all of us. You can create valuable content once, on a particular topic, and not have to create it again! Unlike a face-to-face presentation which would have to be re-delivered each time, your education has been recorded, and can be reapplied. It frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Attraction Marketing – Provide Less Data, But More Insight

It’s important to remember that people don’t need more information. We’re all inundated with information. Too much information “Information Overload” will put people right off. Defeated before they have even started. What they need is an easy-to-understand break down of the information already available. Demonstrating the bigger picture, or demonstrating the step-by-step approach of the information is too incredibly valuable to the people out there.

Attraction Marketing – Create more advanced levels of content

As you embark on this adventure of Attraction marketing, and give up the addiction to traditional advertising. You’ll want to consistently create more advanced levels of content. This gives you an on-going conversation with your prospects and customers. For example: YouTube video, blog posting, articles and eBook webinar. The idea is not to guide people to step one, and then dump them. But to show them how to do step one… when they need that information. And then to show them how to do step two, at the appropriate time. And so on.

Attract your audiance with Attraction Marketing!

In A Nutshell

With Attraction Marketing; remember, it is not about what you are selling although in a way it is, because you are selling yourself. If you build solid relationships through attraction marketing and don’t give the hard sell then in time people will warm to you and trust you as a person,  but remember one thing, there are a lot of people out there that do have savvy and will see straight through you, so don’t, like I have seen it many times before become one of the many internet marketers who con people into believing and then try the hard sell.

To your success with probably the key strategy and one that anyone can learn given time and dedication, Attraction marketing!!! 

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